Betfair Review

BetFair is an excellent sportsbook for European and Canadians, unfortunately they are not open to US bettors. BetFair has reduced juce on theri betting lines and have a great deposit bonus and monthly promotions. Bet Fair is currently giving new registrations a $25 FREE bet on sports events.

Betfair Review

Betfair is one of the strongest sports betting brands in the UK, and one of the most respected gambling names in Europe.  Operating in the UK since 2000, the Betfair betting exchange handles over 15 million bets a day; and the company focuses mainly on targeting UK and European markets.  Betfair are widely known to offer the most competitive odds and prices in the online industry (usually 5% above competition), and they run betting services on almost every sport imaginable.

Because they are targeting UK and European traffic, Betfair uses the decimal odds system to compare odds and value.  None the less, a simple conversion chart is made available to US players who prefer the points-based system of betting.

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Betfair’s Bonus and Promotions

When you sign up and open a new sports betting account at Betfair, you’re offered a fantastic free £25 Betfair bonus.  When you place your first bet on Betfair, if you lose you’ll receive 100% up to £25 back within 24 hours.  This is a fantastic bonus for new players because it provides instant free money for you to bet with, without having to earn points or meet certain conditions to receive free money.

Betfair Sports Betting Website/Software

One of the best features at Betfair which distinguishes it from other sportbooks is its Live Betting Exchange or “Fan v Fan” service.  This creates a market place where players offer and accept bets directly with each other, rather than with the bookie.  The advantage of this system in particular, is that it allows you to place bets at Betfair (with other punters) at relatively excellent and incomparable odds.

With regards to its layout and design, Betfair provides an extremely operable interface, with simple menus for accessing different sports and betting features.  Betfair also provides handy instructions and information tips along each stage.  The overall feel and graphics are nice, and even for first time users the navigation controls are great.  Another great feature at Betfair are the in game betting facilities.  These allow you to place bets throughout games with their live-odds system – these become updated continuously.  Betfair also provide a live video service for certain sports betting markets such as horse racing!

Betfair Sports Offered

As the leading sports betting sites in the UK and Europe, Betfair offers its range of services in a number of sports.  While their most popular sportsb etting categories include Football, Horse Racing and Tennis, you’ll also find most modern day sports including Cricket, Boxing, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Darts, Ice Hockey, NFL and even Gray Hound Racing.

Outside of sports you can also bet on events such as Politics, where you can currently bet on the UK elections or even 2012 US Presidential Elections.
Betfair Customer Service

Betfair Customer Service is very good, with staff support available 24 hours a day.  They also provide a useful FAQ section which usually answers most problem and queries.

Betfairs Accepted Currencies: Betfair accepts a number of currencies including UK pounds, US dollars, Euros, HK Dolars, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dolar and even Swedish Cronas.

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